Pachacamac House / Longhi ectArchits

Architects: Longhi Architects
Location: Pachacamac, Peru
Principal in Charge: Luis Longhi
Collaborators: Hector Suasnabar, Christian Bottger, Carla Tamariz, Veronica Schreibeis
Construction: Longhi Architects / Hector Suasnabar
Project year: 2006-2008
Site Area: 5,000 sqm
Constructed Area: 480 sqm
Photographs: CHOlon Photography, Elsa Ramirez


A hill in Pachacamac, located 40 km south of Lima near Peru’s coast, is the site for the retirement home of a philosopher. The response to the site’s conditions was to bury the house, trying to create a balanced dialogue between architecture and landscape, where inside / outside becomes a constant interpretation of materiality with strong sense of protection and appreciation of the dark and the light. A glass box sticks out of the hill symbolizing architectural intervention on untouched nature.

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