Library and Learning Centre in Vienna, Won by Zaha Hadid

university-library Library and Learning Centre in Vienna, Won by Zaha Hadid

university-library-2 Library and Learning Centre in Vienna, Won by Zaha Hadid

One of our favorite architects and also the Pritzker Archietcture Prize 2004 winner, Zaha Hadid,  has won the competition for the library and learning centre at the university of economics and business in Vienna.

The linear distorted line, form or even the space always can be seen in Zaha hadid’s project. No doubt, they all become Zaha hadid’s design signatures. Again, the competition proposal for Library and Learning Centre(LLC) composed by polygonal form that risen from the center of the LLC campus, it wraps around, interacts and finally divided into the spaces that become central public plaza, private working spaces and those all services areas are located at the central of the each form. Externally, the lines are fluidly presented in each form that incorporated with the linear openings.

university-library-3 Library and Learning Centre in Vienna, Won by Zaha Hadid

+ architect’s statement, Zaha Hadid

The new library and learning center rises as a polygonal block from the center of the new university campus. The design takes the form of a cube with both inclined and straight edges. the straight lines of the building’s exterior, separate as they move inward, becoming curvilinear and fluid, generating a free-formed interior canyon that serves as the central public plaza. All the other facilities of the LLC are housed within a single volume that also divides, becoming two separate ribbons that wind around each other to enclose this glazed gathering space… I am delighted to be working in Vienna as I have a close affiliation with the city. As a centre of research, the Library and Learning Centre is forum for the exchange of ideas. It is very exciting for us to be part of the University’s expansion.

+ Rector of the University of Economics & Business, Christoph Badelt’s statement

A library and learning center should be more than a mere library in the classical sense: it is a research and a service facility, a workplace and lounge, a place of communication and a traffic hub, at one and the same time. With its breathtaking architecture, the design by Zaha Hadid manages to combine all the key functions of study in a most wonderful way. It is a vision that embodies this innovative concept of a university.


+ Project credits

Architects: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher
Competiton : Two phase competition with six competitors in the first phase and three in the second phase
Jury: Wolf D. Prix (head of jury) , Dietmar Eberle, Laura P. Spinadel (BUS Architekten, new campus masterplanner), Peter Ehrenberger, Sepp Frank, Brian Cody
Location: The university of economics and business, Vienna
Function: workplaces, lounges and cloakrooms, library, language laboratory, training classrooms, administration offices, study services and central supporting services, copy shop, book shop, data center, cafeteria, event area, clubroom and auditorium
Area: 28,000m2 (net) / 42.000m2 (gross)
Dimension: 136m length, 76m width and 30m height (5 floors)

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