Dubai Lily Pad Floating City  
Water CityBy now, most of us have heard about the Island Cities being built in Dubai , but Inhabitat has just done a feature on a new concept by artist Vincent Callebaut for a self-sufficient floating city that will never have to face a problem about finding land to build on.
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House in Casa de Campo / A-cero

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© Fernando Manosalvas

© Fernando Manosalvas

Architects: A-cero / Joaquin Torres
Location: Dominican Republic
Collaborator: Rafael Llamazares
Gardening/ landscaping: A-cero / Aybar
Construction: Arena Gorda
Project Year: 2006-2009

© Fernando Manosalvas:


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Bruggen de President / Drost + van Veen architecten

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Architects: Drost + van Veen architecten
Location: Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands
Project Architects: Evelien van Veen, Simone Drost
Client: Gemeente Haarlemmermeer
Structural Engineer: ABT Delft
Project year: 2006

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Turkish Association of Notaries / MuuM Architects

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© Gürkan Akay

© Gürkan Akay

Architects: MuuM
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Principals: Murat Aksu, Umut Iyigun
Project Team: Ezgi Ak, Serkan Sen, Adila Sancakli, Damla Unal, Feriye Yurdusev, Ozlem Catik, Ozlem Bagdiken
Design Architects: Selim Velioglu, Umut Iyigun, Orkun Ozuer, Murat Aksu
Client: Turkish Association of Notaries
Competition Team: Selim Velioglu, Umut Iyigun, Orkun Ozuer, Murat Aksu
Competion Date: 2003
Project Date: 2006-2009
Project Area: 20,595 sqm
Photographs: Gürkan Akay

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H-House / Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff

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© Åke E:son Lindman

© Åke E:son Lindman

Architects: Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff
Location: Trosa, Sweden
Project Area: 240 sqm (interior) + 20 sqm (exterior refugee)
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Åke E:son Lindman

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Villa Vals / SeARCH & CMA

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@ Iwan Baan



Architects: SeARCH & CMA
Location: Vals, Switzerland
Design: Bjarne Mastenbroek & Christian Müller
Interior design cardboard bedroom: Studio JVM, Jeroen van Mechelen
Interior design excluding cardboard bedroom: Bjarne Mastenbroek
Interior advises: Christian Müller, Monica Ketting & Thomas Eyck
Contractor main structure: Kurt Schnyder Bauunternehmung, Vals, CH
Structural engineering: Alex Kilchmann, Schluein, CH
Glass façade engineering and construction: Walch GmbH, Ludesch, AT
Carpenter, interior finishing: A. Gartmann AG, Vals, CH
Cardboard interior: Nedcam shaping technology, Apeldoorn, NL
Cupboards, step chest: van hier tot Tokio’, Japanese Antiques
Electrical installations: Comet GmbH, Vals, CH
Plumbing & Water installations: Oscar Caduff, Vals, CH
Mechanical Ventilation & heating regeneration: Lippuner EMT AG, Grabs, CH
Avalanche protection: Geobrugg AG, Romanshorn, CH
Fire places and stoves: Maurus Cathomas, Ilanz, CH
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Iwan Baan

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