November 22nd, 2010

Tampa Covenant Church by Alfonso Architects

Alfonso Architects have designed a church in Tampa, Florida using the Fibonacci sequence to generate the proportions.

Tampa Covenant Church by Alfonso Architects

The Tampa Covenant Church features a newly built sanctuary, which is connected to two existing buildings that have been renovated.

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Masdar Institute campus by Foster + Partners

Masdar Institute by Foster + Partners

November 24th, 2010

Masdar Institute by Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners have completed the first of a cluster of buildings entirely powered by solar energy at Masdar City, a sustainable urban quarter in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Masdar Institute by Foster + Partners

The Masdar Institute, a facility devoted to sustainable research, is the first of four buildings planned for the site, and will generate more solar energy than it consumes.

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Lowy Cancer Research Centre / Lahznimmo Architects + Wilsons Architects

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© Anthony Fretwell

Architects: Lahznimmo Architects + Wilsons Architects
Location: ,
Client: University of New South Wales
Project Area: 17,000 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Anthony Fretwell & Brett Boardman


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Galilée / Studio Bellecour Architects

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© Christophe Picci

Architects: Studio Bellecour Architects
Location: Toulouse,
Architect in Charge: Wilfrid Bellecour
Project Team: Vincent Ballion, Julien Franco, Brice Kester, Damien Lamy, Sinda Tobni
Client: Altarea COGEDIM
Owner: Crédit Suisse
Project Area: 11,102 sqm
Budget: € 20,000,000
Project Year: 2007-2010
Photographs: Nicolas Borel, Quentin Jeandel, Christophe Picci & Studio Bellecour

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Commercial-Office Building / Abbas Riahi Fard-Farinaz Razavi Nikoo

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© Parham Taghioff

Architects: ,
Location: No 744, Vali-Asr St, Between Fatemi and Zartosht, Tehran, Iran
Project Team: Ashkan Bagheri Aghdam, Navid Nasrollahzadeh, Shobeir Mousavi , Mohammad Moetamedinia , Ali Nabi
Structural consultant: Houman Farrokhi
Mechanical consultant: Mohammad Reza Zomorrodi, Behrooz Noori
Electrical consultant: Abbas Ahmadi, Amir Hossein Azmayesh
Contractor: Problem Company
Project Area: 1100 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Parham Taghioff

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Croatian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

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© Courtesy of the Authors

Based on the idea of Mirage, described at the wikipedia as a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky, the team that designed the Croatian for the decided to create a floating to present arts and architecture of at the .

Following the same principles of a Fata Morgana, which is an unusual and very complex form of Mirage that can be seen in a narrow band right above the horizon, the Floating is constructed on an existing barge with dimensions of 10m x 20m x 3m. It is designed by a group of 14 leading Croatian architects, who have made the recent Croatian architecture visible on the global scene. Instead of working in the usual formats of their practices and presenting speculative projects, they decided to work together on a single proposal and to have it constructed and towed toward its final destination in right away. The structure is the barge’ cargo, welded from 30 tons of Q385 wire mesh in more than 40 layers of varying contours. The cargo presented here maps the process of intense interaction between architects working on the common project, their collaboration with the Croatian maritime industry, and the extraordinary act of architecture it produced. Please follow the ’s maiden voyage across the Adriatic over here

© Courtesy of the Authors

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UK Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010 / Heatherwick Studio

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exclusive previews

© Daniele Mattioli

When we featured the first renders of the UK Pavilion back on August, 2009, many readers doubt that Heatherwick Studio’s design could be done (or at least look like the renders). The Shanghai World Expo 2010 has started and the UK Pavilion has become a favorite to many of you. Now you can see the complete projects.

More images, plans and architect’s description after the break.

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Denmark Pavilion, Shanghai Expo 2010 / BIG

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© Iwan Baan

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